Velvet Meet Satin - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Thread count, eye appeal 

Feel, fragrance, color…show off 

As senses go wild 

Two dozen roses 

Ferried home - finding vases 

And glorious drink 

Nature strolls inside 

Something new resides a while 

Pleasing more than verses 

Like honored guests do 

Seated for their point of view 

And rare distinction 

Burgundy pedals 

Magnificent white - beneath 

A striking couplet 

Breathtaking blooms 

Open, enlarge – still, delight 

In evolving pose 

RSVP – Yes! 

We chose…them, mind etching so 

Velvet meet Satin

My ’53 Belair ~ Coupe Du Jour - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Kept it stock for the shock of what used be 

Mid-century Michigan technology 

My ’53 Belair ~ Coupe du jour 

Is hidden behind the scenes 

Like my first pair of holey blue jeans 


There’s nonthin’ as great as a short block V8 

Purrs like perfection outta the gate 

My ’53 Belair Coupe du jour 

The prize of the hood she’s lookin’ good 

As spiffy as spiffy should 


I thank my Pappy for passin’ her down 

She still draws attention all over town 

This doll’s a contender straight as they come 

With whitewalls and moon caps and then some 

And…show after show we blush as she scores 

This Beauty by Fisher two door     



Ease down your windows and watch as she rolls 

Look at that dash and those handsome controls 

My ’53 Belair Coupe du jour 

From buttercream top down to metallic green skin 

Shiny as ever while we take a spin 


ACDelco if you’re listenin’- 

GM is holding the line 

 Ready to order the best from you 

The rest of assembly’s fine! 


I thank my Pappy for passin’ her down 

She still draws attention all over town 

This doll’s a contender straight as they come 

With whitewalls and moon caps and then some 

And…show after show we blush as she scores 

This Beauty by Fisher two door     


I thank my Pappy for passin’ her down 

She still draws attention all over town 

This doll’s a contender straight as they come 

With whitewalls and moon caps and then some 

And…show after show we blush as she scores 

This Beauty by Fisher two door    

Fog Dogs - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Some call this Pea Soup 

Not chance, my companions do 

Hide and seek anyone? 


Senses go sonar 

Unleashed, seems like… “No RULES-ville” 

Just voice commands prompt 


Waves crash roll then hiss 

Misty cold wraps around us 

Haunting, refreshing 


Heavy breathing comes 

Dashing footfalls pound the sand 

Sounds that peak then fade 


Would a ball or stick? 

Muddle this mix loyal friends… 

Will scent, sound prevail? 


Damn blind trust ignores 

Unraveling ticks of time 

Danger “please” resign 


Retethered, we retreat 

Passing near misses conclude 

Home good Fog Dogs home!

Let Us Speak of This Another Time - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Let us speak of this another time 

And worry about that right now 

We know this and that get confusing 

They need not be intertwined 

Neither one of us must throw in the towel 

And concede our point for view 

If we could douse this fire out somehow…that would be simply good 

Do it for the neighborhood, keep the big picture in mind 

All that I’m really contending is – 

Let us speak of this another time! 

And in the impending doom… 

Stubborn is as stubborn does 

So, they lost their Rumpus Room

Nomad's Shuffle On - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

When the words don’t come 

Do we sound an alarm? 

Has vocabulary ceased, has this well gone dry? 

If word fall is likened to raindrops… 

And storms refuse to storm 

Is this any concern at all? 

Or a hiccup lapse in time 


Perhaps a change of scenery is the best idea 

Yes… something new might do! 

We all leave a desk at some point 

Then, nomad’s shuffle on 


Two hands groan with aching 

Please excuse the writer’s point 

A respite could be the healthy solution 

So, nomad’s shuffle on 

Until new themes and beams arrive 

After lofted views resign 

The Great Country Shadow Race - By Dan'l McLlhenny 

“Let’s dare ‘em to…wake-up with the Sun 

Race us just for fun 

Run up old Doolittle hill and right back down” 

“Wait, with longer legs than ours 

They’ll beat us to the top!” 

“No Biggie! 

We’ll lose ‘em in the drop 

Then dash flat out nonstop 

Hooray, okay, to Wins Ville, amen!” 

“I don’t know, Joe? They’re wicked spry guys - 

Those silent treatment twins 

I’ve never heard ‘em, huff, and puff 

Like we do every time!” 

“Don’t be silly Scooter…we got the solar edge 

Not so, in the climb though 

Our thrill is all part two 

When we…spill ahead like thoroughbreds 

Straight into the shine!”

We Bask, We Float, We Glow - By Dan'l Mcllhenny 

Yesterday’s Sun burned steadfastly hot 

Why not, it’s got a job to do 

Dissolving clouds invite more heat in 

Let Summer come tan us again 

Bring back those transistor radios 

Beach bum days when everyone shows 

Coppertone skin, frisbee grins - by splash-happy waves galore 

Where sizzlin’ sand embraces untamed sea 

Tenderfoot souls dash for the wet 

To reduce their mercury ouch 

Then hesitate right at Fahrenheit’s cold 

Where the shock of the ocean unfolds 

Cooling degrees chill to the knees 

But submerging the torso’s one difficult thing 

Unless you’re, all in ~ with a dolphin dive 

Decisions not meant for the wimpy, fraidy-cat kind 

Only for those brave hearty crew 

Who, drench down well from head to toes! 

Mr. Melville knows it’s stem to stern stuff 

Terms that waltz with ceaseless tides 

Most sea going folks agree 

Its bake, then dip and roast some more… 

Back into the water who's keeping score 

Soaking wet cool or unabashedly parched 

We bask, we float, we glow

Calls - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

One male Goldfinch uncharacteristically sits solo, atop a bare branch 

His cry bordering shrill, minor keyed, mournful… yet clear 

Will he attract a mate to be or summon back lost parents? 


Off a dust-kicker country lane, leafing grapevines somehow invite a respectable flock in 

250 Goldfinches delightedly deliver their enticing, melodic, choral voicings 

Where eye catching yellows flit about irresistible twisting greens 


Along urban arteries deliberate, emerging sirens - blare their steadfast warnings 

These urgencies: fire, accidents, bad guys… where life and limb await speedy response 

Manmade alerting sounds created to move cognizant drivers aside, Help Is Coming! 


Even car stopping, transient, trains rumble through chiming barricade crossings 

Their straight-line approaches defined by partially muted trombone shouts 

So, unlike those romantic whistles of bygone passing parades 


And may we not forget our own vocal gyrations for ~ breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

Cueing cat, dog, or human counterparts to come prancing 

Or simply reminding your partner “CBS Sunday Morning - Moment of Nature is next!”

Night Grin - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

A waning crescent Moon escapes 

Untethered pointy sideways smile 

With miles, of miles, of miles to run 

Footless as its…forever been 

 A lit balloon dots spatial atmosphere 

Naked eyes may spot this one rise 

Before the Summer Sun arrives 

As stronger rays simply blot away 

Night Grin after fine sightseeing view

Outside, Outside, Outside - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

“We should fix the fence this Spring 

When the snowmelt disappears 

And with it calm our worried fears, My Boy! 

Remember that it’s up to us 

To make this handy bit of fuss 

Before the wild days ----- of Summer come 

We can smile at our job well done 

Consider the task some wholesome fun 

Do it together like Father and Son 

While we have the chance to be 

Outside, outside, outside ----- you and me” 


He never was a Father though 

It was not so…if you, care to know 

Just unwritten pages of lengthy history 

Dusty old as time itself 

An empty space still waits upon a shelf 

But he fixed the fence ahead of time and

Drank his full of pure sunshine-outside, outside, outside thankfully