Calls - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

One male Goldfinch uncharacteristically sits solo, atop a bare branch 

His cry bordering shrill, minor keyed, mournful… yet clear 

Will he attract a mate to be or summon back lost parents? 


Off a dust-kicker country lane, leafing grapevines somehow invite a respectable flock in 

250 Goldfinches delightedly deliver their enticing, melodic, choral voicings 

Where eye catching yellows flit about irresistible twisting greens 


Along urban arteries deliberate, emerging sirens - blare their steadfast warnings 

These urgencies: fire, accidents, bad guys… where life and limb await speedy response 

Manmade alerting sounds created to move cognizant drivers aside, Help Is Coming! 


Even car stopping, transient, trains rumble through chiming barricade crossings 

Their straight-line approaches defined by partially muted trombone shouts 

So, unlike those romantic whistles of bygone passing parades 


And may we not forget our own vocal gyrations for ~ breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

Cueing cat, dog, or human counterparts to come prancing 

Or simply reminding your partner “CBS Sunday Morning - Moment of Nature is next!”

Night Grin - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

A waning crescent Moon escapes 

Untethered pointy sideways smile 

With miles, of miles, of miles to run 

Footless as its…forever been 

 A lit balloon dots spatial atmosphere 

Naked eyes may spot this one rise 

Before the Summer Sun arrives 

As stronger rays simply blot away 

Night Grin after fine sightseeing view

Outside, Outside, Outside - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

“We should fix the fence this Spring 

When the snowmelt disappears 

And with it calm our worried fears, My Boy! 

Remember that it’s up to us 

To make this handy bit of fuss 

Before the wild days ----- of Summer come 

We can smile at our job well done 

Consider the task some wholesome fun 

Do it together like Father and Son 

While we have the chance to be 

Outside, outside, outside ----- you and me” 


He never was a Father though 

It was not so…if you, care to know 

Just unwritten pages of lengthy history 

Dusty old as time itself 

An empty space still waits upon a shelf 

But he fixed the fence ahead of time and

Drank his full of pure sunshine-outside, outside, outside thankfully

Overheard Conversation - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Mister Sun wore a wetsuit of oversized gray 

Assuming Fridays are causal dress 

Some say… he’s above it, that’s all 

Just waiting for raindrops to fall 

Below on Earth One he looks so subdued 

Confusing, amusing, faithlessly rude 

Taunting and flaunting his high attitude 

Or have we got him confoundingly wrong! 

Did someone mention there’s thunder planned… 

Conspiring with hot wind and cool 

It’s out of our hands for the moment kids 

We have yet to perfect such a tool 


Patiently promise, you’ll do your best 

Then learn the rest… it’s like school

The Old Strawberry Moon - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

And the Farmer said…   

“Ya know, the old Strawberry Moon shows its ripe face in June 

While the stars decorate the nights sky 

It’s a two-view cosmic happening, like having pie and eating it too 

You may call me a romanticist if you wish kids or simply a nature eyed guy 

Don’t hold your breath for the rosy, red color 

To catch it, it first must be flung 

You won’t hear the strings of violins vibrate 

Unless some kindly fiddlers come 

Remember this month’s a seasoned game changer 

As Spring gracefully bows… then bounces away 

When Summer wins back center stage 

And age closely resembles resilience again 

All hearts are asked out to play 

The old Strawberry Moon says it’s okay!”

Muire ... Golden Hour - By Dan'l MclLhenny  

We traveled out a dirt rut road 

Amid throws of golden hour 

September woods rapt a glow 

Showing off this Sunday evenings blend 

Where nature shares her fertile luscious goods 

Along a winding half a mile drive 


Every turn another snapshot 

Squeezed into our willing minds 

Beauty… carpe diem finds 

A lucky guess, we confess, wearing sunset smiles 

Then before us, rests a rustic home 

So familiar – could it be? 


The very one the singer spoke of 

While his lifetime set the scene 

Not a dream at all… but real 

Our footsteps crunch brittle leaves 

Autumn discards dot the path 

Leading to a covered porch 


Part of a crafter’s aftermath 

Designed from hand hewn log 

More spacious through aging windowpanes 

Then the mind may first allow 

Latched tight to bar intrusion 

We resign, we sit and share a bit of time 


Bent wood chairs offer rest 

Near the door a treasure chest 

Little notes begging to be read 

Admiring everything a family… 

Thought to do all through their life 

For the sake of nature’s living things 


Meadow after meadow 

The forest spans thick between 

Grasslands, trees, then jagged, granite peaks - above 

There in blushing daylight's end 

As if ‘tis understood… unsaid 

Upon this vibrant, thriving, rooted, peaceful ground

Looking East from My Second Story View - By Dan'l MclLhenny  

Overhead, a giant comforter rests snugly 

You’ve no doubt guessed 

It’s sporting several shades of gray… 

And it’s okay, it’s full of rain - ready to empty 

As near as I can tell - all is well and that’s swell 

Looking east from my second story view 


The sky is always looking at Earth differently 

Then it seems it was a little while ago 

Light and shadow, dark and bright 

Stars and planets dot the night 

Surprising us - as far as we can see 

Looking east from my second story view 


Today the sunrise hides itself away 

Playing… a backlit, backstage, supporting, fill-in role 

Because science tell us, nature, gets her way 

But maybe the wind might jinx the plan aloft 

Like it ruffles feather edges of passing clouds 

Looking east from my second story view

Stick, Not Stones - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

A toy, a tool, a weapon 

Begins one hearty living thing 

Crackling fire mind ideas 

Drawing wet sand sketches 

Earn bucks by the score 

Fiddle, whittle something 

Grow your very own 

Help splint a broken leg 

Inspect, explore… seek reason 

Judge a chunk of distance 

Keeping life alive 

Left alone as sacred 

Marvelously strong 

Nestled in the network 

One link leading somewhere 

Pointers revealing details 

Quick for grasping foods 

Ripe for supple bending 

Swinging for the fences 

Trusted though thick or thin 

Useful - count the ways 

Vital living tissues 

Walking companion friends 

Xylem transport system 

Yards in feet or inches 

Zeal within the whole

Stir Those Lucky Souls - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Morning waits on no one kid 

You must learn to muster you - 

Out of that - snoozers bed 

For the Sun’s a comin’ 

Sure, as the skyline signifies so 

And take your shadow when you go 

May thickets draw your curious eyes 

While rivulets race down mountainsides 

As snowmelt weeps its trials of tears 

Searching for perfect pooling grounds 

Where sounds of nature sing and ring 

 Of all things this good Earth brings 

Springs, designed to…stir those lucky souls 

Back in the Day... - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Would you happen to remember? 

Where I may have left the Sun 

It was here a while ago, shining all a glow 

Now it seems as though it’s gone 

Maybe if I whistled…like I used to hail a cab 

I could grab old Yellow curbside 

Then ride to who knows where 

Just to say I’ve been there, 

Of course, to brag I’ve done that too 

Back in the day – back in the day… 

Assuming that’s okay with you 

Shall we fetch the midnight sky? 

In case the Sun has gone for good 

Something tells me don’t be silly 

Take your hat and coat and cane 

What’s another word for nippy? 

That spans six letters wide 

Starts with ch, plus a filler 

And finally ends with y 

It’s not so far to Nathan’s 

Down this wooded Brownstone Road 

Let’s get a hotdog - that’s a dilly 

And a sip of root beer on the side