Black-eyed Susan’s and Yellow heart Daisies - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Black-eyed Susan’s and Yellow heart Daisies,

Naturally grow playing outfield positions these days.

But, Thanks to gift of Homer and Sally 

 The lovely O’Malley’s out old Potluck Road

They offered some youngsters a choice hunk of land,

Where do it yourselfers might willfully band.


It all began with a penny brigade.

A hand full of kids saved any change they could hustle,        

Most of it stored in cans or jars carefully hid-outta-sight!

Back when stickball was still a really big thing,

Pockets bulged…feeding the piggies - so, coins dinged and rattled away,

All for the sake of who’d faithfully play.


The novelty stuck and fence lines were raised.

After the grass grew thick, luscious, green…

A mound, a home plate, a diamond of bases, 

Yes, there were dugouts and bleachers too! 

The scoreboard was managed by Miss Penny Lagrew…

She knew what the numbers told!


It was after the war, way past the depression. 

They finished the 40’s, the 50’s and most of the 60’s.

The towns people all came for the very first call,

When umpires yelled, “Let’s Play Ball!”

For the crack of the bat, for the mood of the crowd, for the snag, the tags, and snapping flag, 

For the heat of the sun, for the threat of rain, for moments we stood and sang!


Black-eyed Susan’s and Yellow heart Daisies

Naturally grow playing outfield positions these days.


·       Authors Note: No thistle, dandelions, or tumbleweeds were harmed in this fictitious tale! 

Three Dukes - All Forever Optimists - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Three Dukes ~ All Forever Optimists

Their stature, above their contemporaries

Men who were worthy of looking up to

Always moving in circles of universal purpose and genuine understanding…

Riding Hawaii’s wild surf, swinging for Major League fences or bringing Silver Screen thugs to justice!

It’s hard knowing now if they really intended to become Heroes in our eyes.

Logic says otherwise!

It seems reasonable to agree that the focus bug bit them in their youth,

And rather than complaining this is too hard!

Each one relished their tasks at hand and day after day they craved the what’s next,

Saying, “I’m willing and ready… Let’s Go!”

The fame came through well-disciplined, hard-won skill sets for sure,

And how each Duke carried himself along his fabled path…

Realizing in the moment your public persona is steeped in how well you carry yourself –

Call it personal pride, becoming an honest to goodness whole character, humble on the stage of humanity.

Somehow, we have strayed away from these classic ideals and paramount standards…

Leaving us lost, denied, our centers of influence that so faithfully inspired the next batch up.

Thanks for your Once Upon a Time inspirations ~

Mr. Kahanamoku, Mr. Snider, and Mr. Wayne

Three Dukes ~ All Forever Optimists

A Treehouse Calls to Lily - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

A treehouse calls to Lily -

“Climb on up, you’ll see,

This lofty view awaits you,

We can share good company.”

As the day grew warm

The shady perch felt perfectly . . .

For friendly talk within the piney wood.

Then a woodpeckers knock caught them by surprise,

“I heard your laughs and chatter,

And thought I should say Hi!

Because birds and trees,

Just hang out together naturally -

We can be, down to Earth,

But, mostly at home here in the sky.”

So… the conifer spoke -

“When the wind comes round . . .

You might say we do the highland jig,

We stretch our hearty torso,

Shake our branches in the breeze,

Exercising all our limbs in swaying dance

Moves our fine point needles to the twig!”

Then Lily turned asking . . .

“I heard a hoot owl hooting,

I hope it was okay,

Right outside my window late last night.”

“She was only calling,

For her boyfriend from a neighboring tree,

So, they could sit together visiting . . .

Until sunshine comes to brightly beam again,

Before they both decide it’s finally time for bed!”

“That said…Dear Lily,” As the woodpecker spoke.

“Owls sleep away the day . . .

Then fly the dark of night, keeping watchful eyes alert,

Listening for little everything’s,

Happening from dusk right through till dawn.”

And Lily sang . . .

“This has been fun, this has been sweet,

Thanks for all your stories and for inviting me . . .

Into the arms of a handsome evergreen -

With a delightful woodpecker who speaks with ease

I’m grateful as I can be – Here’s to friendship, may I come back, please?

Because you made my day!”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Everyone agreed.

Then, Lily climbed down, ran back home with a smile and brand-new memory. 

Until they meet again.


When Boxers Go Riding - Dan'l MclLhenny 

When Boxers Go Riding

In their pink jalopy

One rides shotgun,

While the other pops his head out

Of the cutout roof top

The wheels are inconsequential…

In their sporty, low-slung auto-machine

If I did not know better, I’d say…

There surely must be a third Boxer driving –

Through the Costco parking lot

Here in lovely Eugene, Oregon!

And even though I was well equipped,

With my trusty cellphone I was not quick enough

To catch a snapshot and preserve this groovy dog day morning.

If you are anything like me –

You gotta love it… 

When Boxers Go Riding

Blueberry Stars and Raspberry Thimbles - Dan'l MclLhenny 

Let there be… Blueberry Stars and Raspberry Thimbles

Filled with Oak Milk in a Cheerios Sea…

All flawless symbols, yet nimble nice

Sprinkled brown sugar sweet,

Unless you prefer yours, perfectly neat!

Who cares what your bowl looks like friend,

Or the size of the spoon you choose!

Remember, winners eat breakfast according to Gramps…

Including Fresh Fruit same as the Champs –

Soggy, crunchy, drier, damp

It’s a great way to kick-off the day…

Enjoying… Blueberry Stars and Raspberry Thimbles -

Floating in an Oat Milk, Cheerios Sea!

Enjoying… Blueberry Stars and Raspberry Thimbles -

Floating in an Oat Milk, Cheerios Sea!


Footnote: As many times as, I have enjoyed fresh berries in my morning cereal…

I had never noticed upside down blueberries have a perfect star!

Hubba - Hubba, Hubba - Hubba, Ding Dong! - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Kindly check your dance moves and soft-shoe, shoes,

By the front door, if you please…Louise!

Seems as though the Big Band Craze has drifted away –

Sad as that is to say, ‘cuz there was -

…Nothin’ like that club scene if you know what I mean.

When Fred and Ginger led the way

With Dorsey and James and Goodman too

Plus…Satchmo and Cab and of course the Duke!

When music and laughter filled the air – “I do declare…”

And the heat of the beat tugged you outta your seat - to move like never before…

Yes, back in the day when the wallflowers found their groove!

Toes and heels, tap dance and glitter –

Happy you scored a babysitter,

Avalon Ballroom, Cotton Club, or any local joint known as your hub –

Stayin’ out later than late, havin’ the time of your life

Hubba - Hubba, Hubba – Hubba, Ding Dong! 

The Crow, the Cat, the Amphibian - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

How do friendships ever begin?

Asked the crow to the cat and the amphibian, 

We are nothing alike, as different as…Air or land or water.

Suppose we take our question somewhere to see if anyone else actually knows.

Perhaps, our knowledge might even magically grow into something others will find kind of cool!

The tree said, “your friendship makes sense to me… cause birds rest on my branches regularly,

And cats are accustomed to climbing so high, it worries their humans so…

The fire department comes on the run - to save their felines in distress,

From what seems liken to a scary mess, saved in the nick of time!

While tree frogs come, and tree frogs go with scarcely any mention there!”

“You all have a kinship with me you see,” said the tree with the ample shady decree.

“I’d call it your respective commonality and look forward to our chatting’s again!”

From up to down and down to up we all three make use of the handy hop.

“At least, I’m assuming, you’ll heartedly agree…” while they broad jumped all smiles down the road. 

Then the cat spoke with a curious flair… “I guess we’re flyers too in our own special way!”

And the frog chimed in to quickly assert. “If push came to shove, I’d bet in a flood you two could… 

Swim well enough to save your own souls.”

“Yes” …said the hoppers, the flyers and would be, could be - swimmers too…

Then they all went home to nearby Kalamazoo

To tell their adventure and brand-new news to share with other friends too!

Just how their unlikely friendship began - outdoors in Michigan. 

Strolling Down Dreamboat Lane - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Bet you never knew our names,

As we strolled down Dreamboat Lane

Probably because we were too fascinated with us…

Even more so…than anything else!

Love does that to guys and gals you know!

It was not the old apple to the noggin thing,

Like Newton slept, an innocent victim of the gravity-provoking, joking apple tree.

You see, life was always a breathtakingly, wonderful, set of experiences,

That happened within us, and all around us!

Our love formed of equal parts…played in, harmonic counterpoint – 

Carried on the feather soft winds of time, featuring our voices together, 

On a completely unimaginable adventure.

If luck has a role in relationships, we must have struck it rich in our beginnings as lovers,

And…we wore it as our stars of honor straight into every sunrise and sunset a lifetime could muster.

Call it as you will dear friends and as much as we cherish each of you, as we do –

Strolling down Dreamboat Lane in our hearts is never to be forgotten!

Memorial Day - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Memorial Day,

6:30 in the mornin’ . . .

A father and his son.

Have a tailgate breakfast.

Donuts everyone!

Before a single misdirected grocery cart is collected

And most of Oregon has yet to stir awake . . .a Lad and Dad

Connect and make memories on Memorial Day!

Meanwhile not much more than a mile away

A woman takes an early jog . . .

Maybe a mom but who knows,

This is her time, solitude, open space, and refreshing air,

And there to greet her as she runs is the vibrance of spring,

Clear, cool skies and a welcoming soft wind.

Of course, her thoughts are her own as she too . . .

Connects for memory’s sake it’s Memorial Day! 

In the supermarket world this weekend it is all about,

Hots and Hams, we are talking buns here, check the endcaps . . .

For stellar deals backyard chefs may cue the que for

Franks and Patties galore fresh from the store designed to bring smiles,

Connecting us in beautiful memories…because it is Memorial Day!

What Shall We See…Sugarfoot? - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

It’s time to decide where to take a ride,

In this big wide world of naturalness 

What shall we see . . . Sugarfoot?

Satin Grass Hollar down yonder,

Or way up top to Timberline Bluff

Wherever we go it suits me fine

Cause hangin’ out with you . . .

Right now, is what this cowpoke needs to do.

Do you mind if I whistle a tune or two?

Promising . . . I’ll ease off the one’s that bother you,

That’s just a gesture friends ought to do for friends.

I reckon the Sun’s at our back either which way we choose,

I’d consider this day a perfect one,

Not too hot, not too cool, so, there’s nothin’ really to lose.

It’s like a great big slice of heaven here in these sacred Wyoming hills,

Enough warmth to stow a topcoat, for later, layerin’ needs,

If an afternoon breeze brings chills around, ticklin’ the evergreens.

It’s time to decide where to take a ride,

In this big wide world of naturalness 

What shall we see . . . Sugarfoot?

Satin Grass Hollar down yonder

Or way up top to Timberline Bluff . . .

We could always flip a coin or simply follow our noses!

Remember Sugarfoot…it’s your turn to be the decider!