Pancake Conversations - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Pancake Conversations 

By: Dan’l McILhenny 


As a Birthday wish she agreed 

To heat the griddle,  

To bother with the batch 

And to become my personal chef 

All for the sake of pancake conversations 

Before we get talking here’s my gift 

I’ve never made them 

I’ve made a goodly share of meals 

I’ve never shied away from gally duties ever 

This I confess before our pancake conversations 

However . . . I’m not here to expound 

We gather to discuss flapjacks, 

Griddle-cakes, prairie plops 

And an assorted array of so—appetizing, 

Broadly identifiable names meaning the same morsel 

It usually here we stumble in our talk 

Other tidbits bubble up golden 

Other subjects crepe in, 

Other galette gobs gadzukes! 

Trying to bombard these pancake conversations 

Fortunately, the group steers handily back  

And our main course arrives  

Landing center plate quite undressed 

Grand as any food stuff should craving decoration 

The personal touches anointed, pancake conversations begin

Banners Above the Bluff - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

Banners Above the Bluff 

B: Dan’l McILhenny 

Pampas grass flags 

Stand erect 

Ruffled by the breeze 

Appearing as guardian figures 

Clumped together waiting 

Ready - to take their 

Battle stations 

Banners above the bluff 

From this vantage point 

Not a word is sounded 

Although closer proximity 

May reveal frawn voices 

Singing wind messages 

Such language unfamiliar 

To mere human ears 

Banners above the bluff 

Down along the beach 

An excited dog barks 

Out on a bayside run 

At play with owner near 

By active sand and surf 

Commingling au naturel 

Unlulled ebb and flow beneath 

Banners above the bluff

Argue - By Dan'l MclLhenny 

The Giant E. Verses the Little Bitty B. Debacle  

Or…Two Arguing Argue-nots 

By: Dan’l McILhenny 

“We shouldn’t argue!” said the red billed bird  

...We’re different as any true friends ought to be 

You’re an elephant with your own point of view, 

A marvel of nature made perfectly 

And I can see you're troubled too 

Perhaps if I fly away ~ we can work this out another day” 

“No...please stay!” the elephant sighed 

...Don’t you see the tears welling in my eyes 

It’s not that I’m so sensitive beneath my thickened skin, 

But, how can an elephant ever win?” 

 Debate, debate, debate, debate - that’s all we seem to do 

Since we joined the Argue-nots 

The jokes on me and you” 

“So let us agree” the  red billed bird replied 

We’ll toss our unhappiness into the fray 

We’ll quit the darned Argue-nots - who needs ‘em anyway?” 

“Yeah, let them stack their pro’s and con’s on someone else's turf 

Let’s head for the ocean - I’d really love to surf”  

The red-billed Oxpecker

Allofasudden - By Dan'l MclLhenny 


(The Cat Was On The Ball) 

By Dan’l McILhenny 

An untied shoelace 

My eyes got a tip 

While doin’ window shoppin’ 

Along the Sunset Strip 

Oh what a hazardous trip 

Might befall her - if she only knew 

This is why I called you - 

What should a bystander do? 

Our feet can’t speak 

But what if they could 

How would they remedy this? 

With some toe tappin’ code - like 

Morse or Rogers or the Nicholas Brothers did 

Dancin’ down the rescue road   

I ought to decide…to run away or -  

delight at the sound of my own two feet in the street 

Then allofasudden, allofasudden, 

The emergency‘s quelled 

Now there’s no need for worry and fear 

My mystery is solved like that! 

When a cat appears near her shoes 

And she notices what’s loose 

A feline saves her caboose! 

Well, thanks for takin’ 

My pondering call 

I really thought the worst of it all 

It felt like the writing was there on the wall 

Then allofasudden, allofasudden 

That cat was on the ball! 

May We have Your Promise Roy - By Dan'l Mcllhenny 

Don’t toss a pebble in the pond boy 

Show a little restraint, behave...okay! 

It’s assumed you could 

But why would you 

On this special day 

Kindly direct  

Your interest some other constructive way  

Quick - without delay 

Life’s a tug o’ war...of this and that 

Good vs evil my Dear Son 

To breach the lid 

On the Granddad’s honey vat 

Play catch with your dog 

Or tease Mom’s innocent cat 

Remember angels don’t tussle with fire 

For most they tend to inspire 

A bit of argy-bargy goes...a long way lad 

Until the saint returns to you 

The very one who seeks a classic read 

And does his chores without a fuss 

Exceeds expected deeds 

Instead of Abel raisin’ cane 

While actin’ half insane 

Have ya lost your brain? 

There will be no punishment today...this is our decree 

If you’ll agree to take a break 

And set your demons free 

Let ‘em go on holiday 

Put those thugs to rest 

Have some turkey dinner now 

Bring us pride and joy  

May we have your promise Roy?

A Green Thumb Up For Sure - By Dan'l Mcllhenny 

Ronny was a different kid 

A self imposed loner some say 

No profile really 

Though tall, frightfully lean - but agile 

Ronny kept his smile 

Forever away 

Locked tight - outta sight 

He'd never crack a grin at all 

An outdoors boy was he 

Who wilfully ogled nature’s gifts 

Sure as the sun rose 

Trees n bees, ants n flowers 

That’s where fascination 

Began and retired 

His buds of bliss lingered there 

‘Tis no wonder his first garden 

Gave rise to every seed he sowed  

Fertile soil behind a woodshed 

Fresh turned earth's musty fragrant scent 

Generous water splashes plus blanket fine sunshine 

Yields produce by the basket 

‘Cuz Ronny grew a business 

And a green thumbs-up for sure

The Skidmore Up and Down - By Dan'l Mcllhenny 

You can Skidmore East or Skidmore West 

In either direction you decide what’s best 

It’s all part of the Alameda heart of town 

That’s called... the Skidmore Up and Down 

Breezin’ through the avenue’s 

Checkin’ out home after home 

Most of em’ been  

Around these blocks 

Long before this boy was born 

Is that my Taxi blowin’ his horn?   

Keep your shirt on Pappy 

I’ll be there lickiddee-split  

I got a date and can’t be late 

Here’s my guitar daddy let’s git! 

You can Skidmore East or Skidmore West 

In either direction you decide what’s best 

It’s all part of the Alameda heart of town 

That’s called... the Skidmore Up and Down 

There’s this new gate off of 22nd 

Built by a friend of mine 

Dang, groovy, beautiful man! 

Can’t tell if it’s redwood, cedar or pine 

But look at Howard’s craftsmanship 

‘tis really finer than fine   

Into the courtyard 

Latchin’ the latch 

I‘m feelin’ the music bloom 

You see Rich and Jim  

Have this incredible place 

Where happiness perfumes the room 

Tell me how’d we get so lucky - to find such an awesome space 

Let’s give ‘em somethin’ to sing about... before it’s time to go 

You can Skidmore East or Skidmore West 

In either direction you decide what’s best 

It’s all part of the Alameda heart of town 

That’s called... the Skidmore Up and Down

Stitching Souls With Humble Earth - By Dan'l McIlhenny  

Hasten up twilight 

Invite speechless nightfall in 

Wind wrap cool around us 

Let sunset please begin 

Sun the brightest, mighty one 

Must bid at last adieu  

Slow the glows 

Those pastel shows 

‘Tis dusk we seek again  

Above wooded mountain valley 

O’er crashing wave-strewn seas 

Across growing fields of sustenance 

Every living garden birth 

Stitching souls with humble Earth

A Remedy - By Dan'l Mcllhenny 

Shoes of another 

Bought by my Mother 

Found at a secondhand store 

A Pearl of a girl is she - 

Bein’ poor’s an illusion 

If you’ll choose it to be 

‘Cuz there’s some cushion 

Between earth and me 

Liftin’ the soreness  

It’s startin’ to flee 

Her gift gives 

A remedy

Me and Alaska Joe - By Dan’l McIlhenny 

I got a friend named Alaska Joe 

We go fishin’ every day or so  

A couple of kids you probably don’t know 

Me and Alaska Joe 

Bait in the bucket, tackle and pole 

Come hell or high water we go 

We roll on our stingrays we do 

Down to our fishin’ hole 

It’s a contest of who's the fastest—who plunks their line in first 

The ride always makes us thirsty—for Pepsi and liverwurst 

But fritos are really neato and so are burritos too 

Followed by a round of snickers 

Then it’s time for settlin’ back to do what fisher dudes do 

Watchin’ the river run away—under the Arctic Sun 

Losin’ track of everything . . . gettin’ the fishin’ done 

A whistle, a gunshot, a wild reminder 

Brings things back into view 

Mister wind’s kickin’ up good 

The clouds are startin’ to spew 

When the referee sky says . . . surrender boys   

Whether we like it or not  

It’s back on our bikes we go peddlin’ home 

With whatever we’ve caught at our spot 

I got a friend named Alaska Joe 

We go fishin’ every day or so 

A couple of kids you probably don’t know 

 That’s . . . Me and Alaska Joe