A Treehouse Calls to Lily - By Dan'l MclLhenny

A treehouse calls to Lily -

“Climb on up, you’ll see,

This lofty view awaits you,

We can share good company.”

As the day grew warm

The shady perch felt perfectly . . .

For friendly talk within the piney wood.

Then a woodpeckers knock caught them by surprise,

“I heard your laughs and chatter,

And thought I should say Hi!

Because birds and trees,

Just hang out together naturally -

We can be, down to Earth,

But, mostly at home here in the sky.”

So… the conifer spoke -

“When the wind comes round . . .

You might say we do the highland jig,

We stretch our hearty torso,

Shake our branches in the breeze,

Exercising all our limbs in swaying dance

Moves our fine point needles to the twig!”

Then Lily turned asking . . .

“I heard a hoot owl hooting,

I hope it was okay,

Right outside my window late last night.”

“She was only calling,

For her boyfriend from a neighboring tree,

So, they could sit together visiting . . .

Until sunshine comes to brightly beam again,

Before they both decide it’s finally time for bed!”

“That said…Dear Lily,” As the woodpecker spoke.

“Owls sleep away the day . . .

Then fly the dark of night, keeping watchful eyes alert,

Listening for little everything’s,

Happening from dusk right through till dawn.”

And Lily sang . . .

“This has been fun, this has been sweet,

Thanks for all your stories and for inviting me . . .

Into the arms of a handsome evergreen -

With a delightful woodpecker who speaks with ease

I’m grateful as I can be – Here’s to friendship, may I come back, please?

Because you made my day!”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Everyone agreed.

Then, Lily climbed down, ran back home with a smile and brand-new memory. 

Until they meet again.


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