Hubba - Hubba, Hubba - Hubba, Ding Dong! - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Kindly check your dance moves and soft-shoe, shoes,

By the front door, if you please…Louise!

Seems as though the Big Band Craze has drifted away –

Sad as that is to say, ‘cuz there was -

…Nothin’ like that club scene if you know what I mean.

When Fred and Ginger led the way

With Dorsey and James and Goodman too

Plus…Satchmo and Cab and of course the Duke!

When music and laughter filled the air – “I do declare…”

And the heat of the beat tugged you outta your seat - to move like never before…

Yes, back in the day when the wallflowers found their groove!

Toes and heels, tap dance and glitter –

Happy you scored a babysitter,

Avalon Ballroom, Cotton Club, or any local joint known as your hub –

Stayin’ out later than late, havin’ the time of your life

Hubba - Hubba, Hubba – Hubba, Ding Dong! 

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