Three Dukes - All Forever Optimists - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Three Dukes ~ All Forever Optimists

Their stature, above their contemporaries

Men who were worthy of looking up to

Always moving in circles of universal purpose and genuine understanding…

Riding Hawaii’s wild surf, swinging for Major League fences or bringing Silver Screen thugs to justice!

It’s hard knowing now if they really intended to become Heroes in our eyes.

Logic says otherwise!

It seems reasonable to agree that the focus bug bit them in their youth,

And rather than complaining this is too hard!

Each one relished their tasks at hand and day after day they craved the what’s next,

Saying, “I’m willing and ready… Let’s Go!”

The fame came through well-disciplined, hard-won skill sets for sure,

And how each Duke carried himself along his fabled path…

Realizing in the moment your public persona is steeped in how well you carry yourself –

Call it personal pride, becoming an honest to goodness whole character, humble on the stage of humanity.

Somehow, we have strayed away from these classic ideals and paramount standards…

Leaving us lost, denied, our centers of influence that so faithfully inspired the next batch up.

Thanks for your Once Upon a Time inspirations ~

Mr. Kahanamoku, Mr. Snider, and Mr. Wayne

Three Dukes ~ All Forever Optimists

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