Sharing and caring - By Mizeta Moon

So, maybe you can’t buy her diamonds and furs,

But you can give of the heart from the heart.

Maybe you can’t afford gold or a new car,

But you can afford to be kind and gentle.

Sharing and caring maintains a good love.

Stop at the store and buy her favorite ice cream.

Slip a note in her pocket, telling her you love her.

Take the extra step to let her know you care.

Being poor isn’t a crime but being lazy is.

It’s easy to become complacent and take love for granted.

It’s also easy to care and share.

Have a few less beers and cigarettes.

Save the money to buy her perfume or go to a movie,

And you’ll be rewarded with her beautiful smile.

She’s the woman you say you love,

But saying is easy, showing is the test.

Let her know how special she is to you,

And that you value her above anything else in the world.

Happiness will fill your heart,

As love streams from her eyes into your soul.

Sharing and caring–Caring and sharing.

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