The Queen Bee - By Dennis Langston

Surprise, fear, then anger preceded eventual tears when she was overcome by the sight of her little ones on their backs with their little legs up in the air, not moving.  A sure sign of their sudden tragic end.  But how could this be?  There was no sign of any kind of struggle.  Just them laying there being so quiet and at peace in what could have been a late afternoon nap.  When they didn’t answer when she called for their return, if they had finished their daily chores. She knew something was wrong, but certainly not to this degree.  She had been so proud , as she explained to them, their importance to the world, and to have pride in how this makes them so special doing the work they perform daily. 

She felt it was her duty to impress upon them their development of a strong work ethic, to stay busy, busy, busy with no exceptions.  She also explained the art of self-defense to only protect themselves, and only use it as a last resort.  As she surveyed this senseless site of death she wondered to herself was there something she should have warned them about, and now what is she going to tell the others about the mysterious deaths of so many.  Panic slowly began to take hold of her whole being because this may not be an isolated incident, but something more sinister, and wide spread, threatening life as they know it taking away their reason to being, destroying what has been passed down from one generation to the next, and so many depend upon their work.  How is the rest of the world going to survive if they should perish.  

She took a deep breath and steeled herself for all she would have to do next.  Let the others know; sound the alarm; and make the decision to uproot their whole life and move their entire colony.  It’s been done before to ensure their survival, but it had been done due to a known cause, like a fire or something similar, but this.  How can you fight when you don’t know what you don’t know.  No, this decision she does not take lightly, and being the queen it is her decision and no one else’s.  Her subjects are loyal, and will follow her whatever she decides to do unless, of course, there arises something she failed to keep tract of due to her busy schedule…another queen bee looking to unseat her, and perhaps cause the destruction of their hive, and a chain reaction involving other hives as well.  Could this be more far reaching than she first thought.  


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