The Koi in the Restaurant - By Kenton Erwin

Mark had rented the restaurant, the whole place. His reservation was for twenty minutes before they closed. The other late diners straggled away, and then Mark and Jeannie were alone with just their food server, enjoying a wonderful dinner. Soon after that, the server left without a word, joining the other restaurant employees in going away quietly, under the deal Mark had paid ​lucratively for. The workers would come back in two hours, to finish cleaning and putting things away for the night.  But for now, the couple were truly alone.  

For Mark it was the perfect setting for a surprise romantic tryst with his pretty wife. But as soon as Jeannie realized what was going on, she thought, "Oh, shit, not again​," ​even as she managed a weak smile and said, "You did this for us?" ​He was kind, successful, and handsome, but he still thought like a boy while she no longer thought like a girl. 

The stars and moon lit up the river valley visible through the huge windows.  Mark went into his best foreplay routine. Soon Jeannie found herself lying on the table, her ​legs dangling off the edge. And while he was thrusting into her with a crazed, happy smile on his panting face, and while she was periodically making utterances like, "Yes!" or "Give it to me!," she had her head turned, watching the biggest orange koi in the fish tank as it gulped for oxygen with its eye firmly fixed on her. "Poor thing," she thought, "It can't breathe."  

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