Love is a Messy Thing - By Linda Burk

Love is a messy thing 

A fleeting resemblance to heart shaped cards 

or lace veils on wedding days 

Love is like hope- a thing with feathers 

But more like granite- weathering sun and storms 

Love is a messy thing 

As I soothe my child after a screeching tantrum in the grocery store 

As I pet my dog after he chewed my slipper and threw up on my favorite rug 

As I hug my mate after hurtful words flung in a moment of anger 

As I forgive my friend who forgets to call 

As I  care for my parent who has never shown affection. 

As I try to find patience with those whose opinions I do not share 

Love is a messy thing 

As I learn to accept and love myself with all my foibles 

As I  weather the waves of hurt, frustration, and anger 

As I try to transform it into understanding, compassion, and determination 

As I  go on to love another day.

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