He Belongs in my Dreams - By Jim Carlson

I wanna talk about my big brother Dick. 

He always made me laugh; 

He made everybody laugh. 

Sold movie films to 20th century movie theaters. 

He was an excellent salesman. 

He’s gone and put into a wall at a cemetery here 

Most people don’t know Dick like I do. 


He was funny. 

We had some aunts from Tacoma who would come down 

And play cards on Saturday night. 

He would make them laugh, 

Things he said, things he did. 

I do the same thing, 

It must be inherited from long ways back. 

He was almost 20 years older than I was 

At a different time of life than I was 

But we were joined. 


He was a cool cat from Memphis. 

I don’t think he ever wore a suit 

H\But he was always in nice clothes 

Wore loud shirts. 

He used to cruise Broadway in a blue 1947 Ford; 

White walls made him cool. 

I’m sure he had a good time, even though I wasn’t there. 

He told me that the cops watched him, 

But he was always able to avoid them. 

Just a brother. 


He played ball for a team called The Film Stars. 

Dick played right field, and his baby brother played alongside him. 

I was 12 or 13 and I held my own. 

We did pretty well. 

Play with what you got and be happy with what you’re doing. 


I got in an accident when I was sixteen, 

And he was at my bedside the whole month I was unconscious. 

When I got home, he carried me into the house. 

He was just a guy that everybody would like to have. 


I remember the day I graduated from high school. 

He took me and my mother and grandmother 

to a high-end restaurant in Hollywood. 

The hamburgers were only 35 cents back then. 


After he retired, he went to movie theaters here in Vancouver. 

One of his favorite movies was South Pacific. 

The lead had a beautiful tenor voice. 

What a beautiful cast they had. 


I think about him in my dreams. 

I see him in Hollywood, up in the stars, movie heaven. 

He was the main star of my life. 

You won't see his footprint on Hollywood Boulevard, 

but I know that it’s there.

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