Looking East from My Second Story View - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Overhead, a giant comforter rests snugly 

You’ve no doubt guessed 

It’s sporting several shades of gray… 

And it’s okay, it’s full of rain - ready to empty 

As near as I can tell - all is well and that’s swell 

Looking east from my second story view 


The sky is always looking at Earth differently 

Then it seems it was a little while ago 

Light and shadow, dark and bright 

Stars and planets dot the night 

Surprising us - as far as we can see 

Looking east from my second story view 


Today the sunrise hides itself away 

Playing… a backlit, backstage, supporting, fill-in role 

Because science tell us, nature, gets her way 

But maybe the wind might jinx the plan aloft 

Like it ruffles feather edges of passing clouds 

Looking east from my second story view

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