Knucklehead Norm - By Dan'l MclLhenny

The weather prognosticator

From our local, locality news

Recommends – take your best umbrella,

Overcoat and maybe wear your trusty galoshes too!

There’s a storm on the horizon,

Watch Out, because…it’s comin’ - for sure, it’s rollin’ in

Unless you got protection it’ll soak you to the skin

You’ve been warned, you’ve been warned, you’ve been warned!

And then there’s knucklehead Norm

You see…Norm ain’t afraid of nothing

Heck, hail has hit his brain

Too many times to count now

He claims, he never feels any pain

He may donate his noggin to science

But that’s been a waiting game…

For the moment it’s being used says he…

Kind of, like a lightning rod of sorts

You know, a real live wire - conductor 

Crazed with electrified ideas

One step away from a thunderstorm doozy upon the soccer field 

Because he’s knucklehead Norm

He’s been warned, he’s been warned, he’s been warned! 


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