Fog Dogs - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Some call this Pea Soup 

Not chance, my companions do 

Hide and seek anyone? 


Senses go sonar 

Unleashed, seems like… “No RULES-ville” 

Just voice commands prompt 


Waves crash roll then hiss 

Misty cold wraps around us 

Haunting, refreshing 


Heavy breathing comes 

Dashing footfalls pound the sand 

Sounds that peak then fade 


Would a ball or stick? 

Muddle this mix loyal friends… 

Will scent, sound prevail? 


Damn blind trust ignores 

Unraveling ticks of time 

Danger “please” resign 


Retethered, we retreat 

Passing near misses conclude 

Home good Fog Dogs home!

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