Dan'l~isms Talking Baseball - By Dan'l MclLhenny

The old baseball spot is all but forgot 

Overgrown in sunflower bloom 

Thanks to the players who spat a lot 

On the field they used to groom 


Down in the count…ahead or behind 

One pitcher, one batter 

Both seeking answers for what’s on their mind 

Heaven forbid if the Ump should go blind 

Or the ball unravels and travels amiss 

Cause the kiss of termites bore through the tools 

That hanker to settle the matter with swat 

In one ship and two Ruthless bands of fools 


Ready the boys for October then 

The hitters, the swingers - those gentlemen 

The uniformed diamond dandy few 

Who catch and throw and stare into the blue getting paid to play for you!

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