Along the Zigzagged River Zee - By Dan'l MclLhenny

There’s an island in the zigzagged river, Zee,

When you look down from Daisy Point Rest -

Rugged, pine-encrusted, and wicked steep, it’s often easy to spot,

Unless low hanging weather huddles in…clouding, clogging the gorgeous view,

Into dogged, gray shaded fog…and that’s not okay! It ought to be on display. 

This curiously wild cone shaped place…

Has it seen explorers yearning to know what’s there? Can’t say. But, hey!

With magnified glasses you can focus in…discovering an eagle’s nest

Common sense says – dang, leave it alone, it does not deserve any humanness - 

Especially for the sake of the baby birds

Right now, it stands as a nursery,

Where eaglets call reciting their avian words

“Mom and Dad, we’re hungry…when will we ever be served!”

The young ones fail to understand,

“Fishing takes time, like hunting does too,

We will be back when those tasks are through,

Play charades to pass some time - to while your cares away,

Just listen to the river, listen to the breeze and the cracking limbs of the island’s trees

Or kick back and rest with ease along the zigzagged river, Zee.”


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