Late night brain farts - By Mizeta Moon

We march into eternity, constantly wondering who we are and why we’re here. For some, it’s love, others hate. Some money and the quest for more. Others find solace in tasting every moment while understanding they live in a tempest. Yin and yang are a conundrum. Light and dark, up, and down, an eternal dance. Reason and lack of it constantly staring each other in the face. It’s a roiling sea of peril and only by being vigilant and wise can we flourish and reach our potential.


Even if everyone stood in a line holding hands, we couldn’t stop the tide from flowing or the wind from blowing. As we aspire to change the world, we can’t escape the realignments of nature. Build we may, build we must, but in the end, we are overrun by rust, corrosion, erosion, and the sheer passage of time.

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