Creative Thinking - By Mizeta Moon

Robo Rent-A-Cop d311 was good at enforcing the law but wasn’t programmed for unusual situations. This current problem was causing his circuitry to overheat as he probed his data bank for a solution. When he took up his position earlier…


War - By Mizeta Moon

The crowd’s mood was changing. Where before they had hope for their future, recent events made it impossible to believe they would survive the constant attack on everything they’d strived for. Children bleeding to death in the streets. Buildings they’d…


Discovery - By Mizeta Moon

Officer Porky Pig hung up the phone and sighed. Somedays he hated being a cop. Someone was always doing something crazy and he had to pick up the pieces. Arresting people required a ton of paperwork and his hooves were…


Dyslexia - By Mizeta Moon

Officer Lawrence knelt on the wet sand and looked at the young girl’s corpse, wishing he could’ve stayed home for his family’s turkey dinner like the rest of the department. Surrounded by fog with an empty belly wasn’t his idea…


Memory Lane - By Mizeta Moon

The red gate led to the burial plot of the Duquesne family. It was a pretty gate surrounded by honeysuckle vines and buzzing bees. Dappled sunlight took away what could have been a threatening presence and infused the scene with…


Fubar - By Mizeta Moon

School was never the same after they turned the dragon parking area into a practice floor for outdoor rhythmic gymnastics. Sure, watching all those lithe young ladies swirl their ribbons and tumble and roll was swell, but being dropped by…


Fishing - By Mizeta Moon

Inspired by a conversation with Darren Schrader


Someone told me about this great place to fish so I thought I’d check it out. Unfortunately, it was at a lake on an island. That meant I’d have to pay someone to…


Negative Body Image - By Mizeta Moon

Olive Oyl was tired of being skinny. She could turn sideways and people thought she left the room. She wanted to get a boob job but being a cartoon character didn’t pay much. Water balloons in her bra leaked and…


Reluctant Participant - By Mizeta Moon

It was cold and the concrete was abrasive to the thin soles of her flimsy shoes. The wind kept lifting her short skirt and she wanted to seek shelter but with a sick child in a motel room she couldn’t…


Beauty Contest - By Mizeta Moon

They are beautiful 

Each in their own way. 

Some short, some tall 

Some big, some small 

Every color of hair, skin, and eyes. 

Who lives inside the body 

Is the woman you should know. 

You can learn to touch them. 


Romance - By Mizeta Moon


A sense of peace between two people. 

Candlelight dinners, imported wine, 

Flowers for no reason other than it’s time. 


To look deeply in her eyes. 

To really see the woman you love. 

To admire everything about her. 



Teardrops - By Mizeta Moon

An ocean of teardrops has been shed 

By millions of women long dead. 

By thousands today, 

Every moment, every hour, 

As love is lost or life turns sour. 

When kittens die, when babies cry, 

The feelings of women run like…