Aboard the Cruise Ship - By Mizeta Moon

They danced like teenagers the first night of the cruise and got along better than they had in years. He came close to changing his mind about killing her but knew he’d regret it if he let her live. Thirty years with the same nag wore him out and led to murderous scenarios constantly filling his head when she refused to divorce him. He tried to leave several times over the years but she controlled the company and his income so he stayed. Sure, he could split with just the clothes on his back and get a job but even the car he drove belonged to the business. He was stuck like a fly in amber.

When she insisted that they take a South Pacific cruise, he didn’t object because numerous opportunities could develop that would help his dream of cashing in her life insurance come true. He knew he couldn’t push her overboard since she was short and stout, and the railings were too high. He sharpened his pocket-knife before leaving home in case he got the chance to stab her on one of the stops, then blame it on an attacker. He cut himself while doing it and the cut was painful, but now he knew how easily it would slice her throat. As long as he ditched the knife any blood on him could be explained by his effort to administer aid.

The third morning, while she was still sleeping. he went to the buffet but nothing looked appetizing so he went back to their cabin thinking he would take a long hot shower, then order a sandwich. When he came out of the shower, he was pleased to see her bed empty. After locking the deadbolt, he made sure his knife was still tucked under his socks. He put it in his pocket, then unlocked the door and ordered his sandwich. They were scheduled for an excursion that afternoon and he wanted to be ready.

Unfortunately, every stop they made over the next few days didn’t provide an opportunity so he knew he would have to find another way. He sat at the bar for hours, running scene after scene through his feverish brain but all he managed to do was get drunk. There were only three days left when a solution fell in his lap. He heard two crew members talking about a powerful drug that looked and tasted like candy but could easily kill you. Evidently, one of them had a big bag of the pills in their room and was going to try some after their shift. That person gave the other one a small container of the pills before walking away. What happened next put a smile on the would be murderer’s face.

The crew member opened the container, sniffed it, shook a few pills into their hand, looked them over, then started putting them back. Just then a big wave shook the ship and some of the pills fell to the deck. Rather than be seen on their knees scooping them up, the person pocketed the container and scurried away–probably assuming the wind would blow them away. He pounced on them like a jungle cat on unwary prey. Hopefully, they were as potent as advertised since his wife dipped into any candy dish she encountered.

After dinner they took a leisurely walk around the deck and exchanged a romantic vibe while watching the moon in a silky black sky. He had a twinge of remorse about the candy and flowers waiting next to her bed but knew such moments never lasted and tensions would return. Sure enough, her pudgy hand swooped into the candy dish the moment they entered the cabin. He acknowledged her gratitude for the flowers, then told her he was going to the bar for a nightcap. As she polished off the deadly concoction and he moved to leave, she said. “Wait a minute. I want to show you the documents you need to sign to become a partner in the business.” Partner!? He panicked at first, knowing the drugs would take effect soon but quickly realized he would be sole owner if they killed her. “How about when I get back?” He replied. “I won’t be long.” She was already nodding off as he closed the door and left. Fortunately for him, the two crew members were found dead by the housekeeping staff as well as her the next morning. He’d feigned being drunk and slept in a deck chair instead of returning to their cabin that night. Accidental overdose was the doctor’s conclusion although no one knew how she acquired the pills. Debarking alone, his step was jaunty as he walked into a very bright future. 






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