Pancake Conversations - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Pancake Conversations 

By: Dan’l McILhenny 


As a Birthday wish she agreed 

To heat the griddle,  

To bother with the batch 

And to become my personal chef 

All for the sake of pancake conversations 

Before we get talking here’s my gift 

I’ve never made them 

I’ve made a goodly share of meals 

I’ve never shied away from gally duties ever 

This I confess before our pancake conversations 

However . . . I’m not here to expound 

We gather to discuss flapjacks, 

Griddle-cakes, prairie plops 

And an assorted array of so—appetizing, 

Broadly identifiable names meaning the same morsel 

It usually here we stumble in our talk 

Other tidbits bubble up golden 

Other subjects crepe in, 

Other galette gobs gadzukes! 

Trying to bombard these pancake conversations 

Fortunately, the group steers handily back  

And our main course arrives  

Landing center plate quite undressed 

Grand as any food stuff should craving decoration 

The personal touches anointed, pancake conversations begin

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