Being the Brilliant Souls We Are! - By Dan'l MclLhenny

In the dark, dress, coolish mornin’ 

The rain came pourin’ in 

The rat a tat sped to a drum roll 

Like Buddy Rich was at it again 

As the tin roof made nature music 

How could you not grow a beautiful grin 

It’s been a long hot span of summer 

With barely a drop to the skin 

It’s a worrisome thing 

When the mercury runs high 

And the clouds vaporize 

Over Wyoming skies 

As our land goes dry 

When the wild craves rain 

Some search for solutions 

Most deal with the strain 

Are we all a ship of fools... 

So blind we fail to see 

Our garden of Eden is vanishing 

And with it goes humanity 

Maybe we get what we deserve 

Being the brilliant souls we are!

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