Perimeter Road - By Dan'l McILhenny

Rural landscape surroundings 

A walkers delight away 

Backyard fences strung low 

Say our heaven sits here neighbor 

Beyond that...Ag-fields stretch out 

Flat as pancakes 

March manicured - planted, growing 

In Earth’s rich Willamette Valley soil 

Some for grape, grain or grasses 

Distant hillsides reach up for sunlight 

Display orchards, berry patches and vineyards 

While hide-in-sight places appear natural 

Like no man's land ~ 

Mixed forested Oasis’s    

Seemingly undisturbed 

Tree happy Eurasian Doves coo 

And Robin make their presence known 

Singing in counterpoint with Blackbirds  

  At times Oregon wind invites Dairy perfume 

To waft through when the beacon broadcast aligns 

Across the highway airplanes and helicopters 

Comings and goings add to the din 

In a cacophony of human made sounds 

Gun range pot shots pop... 

Mowers, leaf blowers and repair hammers 

Pound out of sync solo’s 

In absolute non-orchestral fashion 

And yet it’s home 

We chose this habitat along  

Perimeter Road

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