He Belongs in my Dreams - By Jim Carlson

I wanna talk about my big brother Dick. 

He always made me laugh; 

He made everybody laugh. 

Sold movie films to 20th century movie theaters. 

He was an excellent salesman. 

He’s gone and put into a wall at a cemetery…


Story by Janet Westberg

It has been 40 years since I was last on this field.  The snow storm yesterday made it look like a picture from a Christmas Card.  It has been hard for me to return to the field since it brought…


Love is a Messy Thing - By Linda Burk

Love is a messy thing 

A fleeting resemblance to heart shaped cards 

or lace veils on wedding days 

Love is like hope- a thing with feathers 

But more like granite- weathering sun and storms 

Love is a messy thing 



Family - By Jim Carlson

We all become part of a family, no matter how many we become. 

Even an animal can become part of our clan, 

along with daughters, sisters, and brothers. 

The biggest words that go with family are love and respect. 



The Welcome - By Dennis Langston

It caught the corner of my eye as I walked by my office window, bright enough to draw attention to on a dark, cool clear night with the usual parade of stars in our New Mexico sky. It’s fall, and…


The Queen Bee - By Dennis Langston

Surprise, fear, then anger preceded eventual tears when she was overcome by the sight of her little ones on their backs with their little legs up in the air, not moving.  A sure sign of their sudden tragic end.  But…


York - By Dennis Langston

After that band of gypsy coyotes quietly walked by, the mood of our group became melancholic.  We had been at it for 3 months and we knew that what we just saw was not a sign of good times ahead…


High Heals and Chickens - By Linda Burk

Samantha Starr was at the top of her game. A classic beauty with raven-black hair, porcelain-white skin, startling gray eyes, and a six-foot body clad in size-one clothes. Her parents were real-estate barons in New York City. They pushed their…


Can you see me? - By Peggie Guzman

I saw you flit to the very top, 

Confident and sure 

The view is fantastic, you said 

all blue and white and green 

Unbelievable, you said 

Can you see me? I asked 

Fresh snow on the mountain 

White and purple…


Kisses - By Peggie Guzman

   Warm, no hot.  Near my eye.  My eye sees nothing.  So soft and hot.  A kiss?  A kiss moving down my temple to my ear, along my jaw and then to my chin.  I turned into the kiss hoping it…


The Riddle of Randy - By Dan'l McLlhenny 

Depending on how he threw the ball,  the wall  produced a multitude of reactions; pop-ups, line drives, chop suey gounders, even blistering fast earth grazers.  Talking 

exercise and reactive response this ball at the wall challenge was as engaging as…