Oldies - By Mizeta Moon

The road ahead, the road behind

The road ahead is a mystery,

The road behind, a memory.

The road ahead is often gray,

While behind the sky is blue,

But just to keep the balance

The opposite is also true.

Ahead is beautiful, the rear majestic,

Turn around and see from where you came,

You’ll forever want to go back again.

Ahead brimming with unfulfilled promise,

Behind lie footsteps in mud and sand.

Ahead tomorrow, behind yesterday,

What difference left or right?

Over, around, under, through, backward, forward,

It’ll always be you living in the now.

Going nowhere, somewhere, that’s where you are,

As you wander, mountains sit and watch you seek.


Speak to me

River, sweet river life,

Flow by and through me today.

Spin me songs of time and travelers,

Crossing your waves and windswept ripples.

Carry tree news to my ears awaiting,

Messages from inner earth through roots and veins.

River, sweet river life,

Flow over and around me with love.

Rocks, I am touching your essence,

I swim in your breast like a fish, oh river.

I sit in sand wiggling my toes,

On banks where egrets play.

While glittering, soft, downy grasses,

Reflect sunlight from that wondrous orb,

Casting rainbows from a cascading waterfall.

River, sweet river life,

Deliver me from toil and trouble,

Into soft cool breezes of thy oasis.

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