Gritty, Bitty, Bites . . . Plus, Saltwater, Sparkling Tears - By Dan'l MclLhenny

If a pizza went on vacation

Where would it likely go?

Probably not to some hot spot

Like an overactive oven or a barbeque cooking show

Nor the north or southern pole

Where there’s any chance of becoming stiff

Somewhere in between I’d suppose

Let’s imagine a coastal cliff house retreat

And maybe a beach filled afternoon

You know, go skimming over surf and sand

Like flimsy sorts of wannabe, frisbee’s can

Then land within the waves as an interesting kind of floater 

Rescued by a lifeguard because of a quick-thinking boater

So goes the well-rounded, sinking, non-swimmer guy

Who suddenly returns to life - resuscitated by CPR

And lives on to tell his worried wife

If all this sounds implausible 

You are astute beyond your years

For as far as sandy, soggy, pizzas go

Their bound to only bring us

 Gritty, bitty, bites . . . plus, saltwater, sparkling tears

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