After All, It Is Our Home! - By Dan'l MclLhenny

So, Winters Solstice arrives and . . .

Autumn slips seamlessly away

Did she vaporize?

No handshake, no hug, no regrets to eye

Instead, a regulated, mechanized clock ticks

Finality finalized - where one goes the other stays

While most of us two legged creatures

Exist unaware of such grand proceedings

Immune to natural happenings on Earth One

If we dared ourselves to investigate a pinch more…we’d discover

Societal evidence still exists that our fellow inhabitants 

Recognize the comings and goings of seasonal changes

Within their hearts and souls, they celebrate such mystifying wonders

In fact, it is commonplace to gather, experience and show homage

For everything this natural world provides us  

Do words ever urge us enough to see for ourselves

How connected or disconnected we may be within our humanness

After all, it is our home! 

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