Woodpecker Ravine - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Dear Mister Hotchkiss, 

Is your door still ripe for knockin’? 

All us woodpeckers wanna know 

The wrapper gag made us laugh a lot 

As bird brainy pranks will do 

A tap, tap here and a rat - a - tat there 

Coupled with a swift escape whenever we felt inclined 

Brought us snickers and chuckles and smiles 


On Halloween we did the Bela Lugosi 

But capes were a bit too much we found 

Plus . . . flying in the dim lit night… 

That’s as hazardous as hazardous gets 

So, we called upon the Owls around 

To escort the caped crusaders in 

We knocked and knocked and knocked some more 

But no one answered your door 

Hell, we knocked so much our beaks got sore 

Well, I suppose we paid our dues 

So, that was the end to that ruse! 


T’was a tricky, assaulting, bird-neuver 

That broke us from sucking eggs 

They say the proof rests in the texture now 

Your treat, is one truly riveting door 

For all who choose to visit your home 

And ogle at the woodwork style 

Only an avian or forty-two, can do 

What started as a harmless scheme 

Has now become the curiosity spot in all of Woodpecker Ravine

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