Strolling Down Dreamboat Lane - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Bet you never knew our names,

As we strolled down Dreamboat Lane

Probably because we were too fascinated with us…

Even more so…than anything else!

Love does that to guys and gals you know!

It was not the old apple to the noggin thing,

Like Newton slept, an innocent victim of the gravity-provoking, joking apple tree.

You see, life was always a breathtakingly, wonderful, set of experiences,

That happened within us, and all around us!

Our love formed of equal parts…played in, harmonic counterpoint – 

Carried on the feather soft winds of time, featuring our voices together, 

On a completely unimaginable adventure.

If luck has a role in relationships, we must have struck it rich in our beginnings as lovers,

And…we wore it as our stars of honor straight into every sunrise and sunset a lifetime could muster.

Call it as you will dear friends and as much as we cherish each of you, as we do –

Strolling down Dreamboat Lane in our hearts is never to be forgotten!

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