Memorial Day - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Memorial Day,

6:30 in the mornin’ . . .

A father and his son.

Have a tailgate breakfast.

Donuts everyone!

Before a single misdirected grocery cart is collected

And most of Oregon has yet to stir awake . . .a Lad and Dad

Connect and make memories on Memorial Day!

Meanwhile not much more than a mile away

A woman takes an early jog . . .

Maybe a mom but who knows,

This is her time, solitude, open space, and refreshing air,

And there to greet her as she runs is the vibrance of spring,

Clear, cool skies and a welcoming soft wind.

Of course, her thoughts are her own as she too . . .

Connects for memory’s sake it’s Memorial Day! 

In the supermarket world this weekend it is all about,

Hots and Hams, we are talking buns here, check the endcaps . . .

For stellar deals backyard chefs may cue the que for

Franks and Patties galore fresh from the store designed to bring smiles,

Connecting us in beautiful memories…because it is Memorial Day!

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