~ Suppose ~ - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Suppose the Sun spun away on a cosmic holiday,

Never spoke a word - just left us in the fray,

So much for the silence and cool demise

As we welcome in the deepest, darkest, skies,

Quickly we are frozen in our cryogenic space,

A different sort of outcome than we factored for this place,

So, does it really matter all we meant to do…

When Garden Earth turns forever icy blue  


Suppose we had one single chance…

To right the wrongs of circumstance

Boldly act upon the best ideas

To remedy the smothering, excessive, heat effects of greenhouse gas 

It’s hard to imagine our global village minds,

 Would ever agree - science could rescue us from the threat that binds…

As time to make decisions is slipping from our hands -

The tipping point is here right now but so few understand!

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