The Ball Refuses to Fall - By Dan'l MclLhenny

It happened in Boston one sticky hot night

A shot in Fenway under stadium light

The guy at the plate was Gentleman Ted

Late as games go…it wasn’t that late

No score in the sixth, then the Sox went ahead

Ted creamed a high fly lofter to deep left centerfield

Two fielders scrambled eying his smash

The fans in the stands were certainly lit

He rounded one base then rounded three more

Back at home the concourse still roared

Cheering the run upping the score

As everyone rose in pure disbelief 

The announcer exclaiming…

“The ball refuses to fall

Above the Green Monster,

It hangs high above!”

It must be a stunt, a prank, or a fluke

“Some say…it’s Malarky as simple as that!”

“But how does gravity allow such a stat?”

“All that goes up must surely come down”

There was such a commotion - a ghastly delay

The umpires agreed to finish the game some other day

Soon headlines erupted in Beantown it read

“Leather and Stitches Stall Once and For All 

-The Ball Refuses to Fall!” 

By, Lois Lane - the Boston Globe

Mass speculation, mass spectators too

Scientists flock to settle the stew

Sure, as shooting that ball rests in mid air

Like an unmoving globe in Earth’s atmosphere 

But its orbit has halted somehow

As a relic you really ought to see now

That froze into history, as…

“The Ball That refuses to Fall!”

When winter comes it coats in snow

The spring rain rinses it clean

Some folks say it’s a perfect perch

For birds to pause and preen

It will not budge in the nastiest winds

The darndest puzzle unsolved

Pot shots may wish to shoot it

But why make a fuss or that call

Just let it remain as a known mystery

The Ball Refuses to Fall 

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