T ’was Once Such a Lofty Plan - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Nickel plate those rails boys, nickel plate those rails 

Then we’ll fix them to the Earth somehow 

Did someone mention wood? 

Find a bunch of loggers now out in the seas of perfect trees 

Who’ll cut and shape and creosote 

To insure our timbers good 

Let’s set the wood in gravel men 

While gandy dancers lay rails upon those bedded ties 

C’mon pass around the hammer’s lads - drive your spikes that stake the bind 

‘Tis the season for connection so, keep the railroad first in mind 

Are you sure it was a love affair . . . that made the steel wheels roll? 

Clean across the countryside from coast to coast and back again 

The zigs, the zags, the spurs, the legs, the switches and the more 

That carried us faster forward than ever we’d traveled before 

Through good, and bad, and steady press 

Don’t forget the almighty weather too 

It’s written in countless storybooks - just how it all began 

An idea unlike any other, t ‘was once such a lofty plan!

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