One Garden Globe Within the Cosmosphere - By Dan'l MclLhenny

There are no Buttercup Snowflakes 

That we know of . . . 

Or Naturistic Rings around our Moon 

Nor Cats, that love to do the two step with the next-door Pooch named Spud 

Who tends to thud his way across the stage 

Still, we’ve got a lot of Goodness 

Wafting from our fragrant Kitchens 

From those who don the Aprons in our Homes 

While the River runs and runs 

Always headed somewhere else 

Underneath our trusty Sun, a-blazing…from its far-off point of view 

Until Stars dot the clearest Nighttime Sky   

So Lucky are the Beings here 

Who Cherish this Living Orb in Space 

One Garden Globe within the Cosmosphere 

It’s time to recognize what we hold Dear

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