Calls - By Dan'l MclLhenny

One male Goldfinch uncharacteristically sits solo, atop a bare branch 

His cry bordering shrill, minor keyed, mournful… yet clear 

Will he attract a mate to be or summon back lost parents? 


Off a dust-kicker country lane, leafing grapevines somehow invite a respectable flock in 

250 Goldfinches delightedly deliver their enticing, melodic, choral voicings 

Where eye catching yellows flit about irresistible twisting greens 


Along urban arteries deliberate, emerging sirens - blare their steadfast warnings 

These urgencies: fire, accidents, bad guys… where life and limb await speedy response 

Manmade alerting sounds created to move cognizant drivers aside, Help Is Coming! 


Even car stopping, transient, trains rumble through chiming barricade crossings 

Their straight-line approaches defined by partially muted trombone shouts 

So, unlike those romantic whistles of bygone passing parades 


And may we not forget our own vocal gyrations for ~ breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

Cueing cat, dog, or human counterparts to come prancing 

Or simply reminding your partner “CBS Sunday Morning - Moment of Nature is next!”

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