Outside, Outside, Outside - By Dan'l MclLhenny

“We should fix the fence this Spring 

When the snowmelt disappears 

And with it calm our worried fears, My Boy! 

Remember that it’s up to us 

To make this handy bit of fuss 

Before the wild days ----- of Summer come 

We can smile at our job well done 

Consider the task some wholesome fun 

Do it together like Father and Son 

While we have the chance to be 

Outside, outside, outside ----- you and me” 


He never was a Father though 

It was not so…if you, care to know 

Just unwritten pages of lengthy history 

Dusty old as time itself 

An empty space still waits upon a shelf 

But he fixed the fence ahead of time and

Drank his full of pure sunshine-outside, outside, outside thankfully

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