Back in the Day... - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Would you happen to remember? 

Where I may have left the Sun 

It was here a while ago, shining all a glow 

Now it seems as though it’s gone 

Maybe if I whistled…like I used to hail a cab 

I could grab old Yellow curbside 

Then ride to who knows where 

Just to say I’ve been there, 

Of course, to brag I’ve done that too 

Back in the day – back in the day… 

Assuming that’s okay with you 

Shall we fetch the midnight sky? 

In case the Sun has gone for good 

Something tells me don’t be silly 

Take your hat and coat and cane 

What’s another word for nippy? 

That spans six letters wide 

Starts with ch, plus a filler 

And finally ends with y 

It’s not so far to Nathan’s 

Down this wooded Brownstone Road 

Let’s get a hotdog - that’s a dilly 

And a sip of root beer on the side

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