Tomes & Crystal Balls: A Taradiddle - By Lillow Mi

   We have just left our mysterious encounter with the enlarged Glamoury Wall. We flew our brooms for quite a ways east with still no sign of the meadow. Soon there appeared a dignified looking building with pillars in front and broad marble steps leading to ornate wooden doors. We landed in front of the steps and gazed up at this imposing edifice. Carved into the marble above the doors in flowery script were the words; 

Akashic Records – Tome and Crystal Ball Division 

   I was impressed. I knew the Akashic records contained all the knowledge of the universe and some believe the knowledge of all prior universes as well, but I had no idea how that all worked. But the words Tome and Crystal Ball however, were things I did know and I began to wonder if I was now going to see just how it all did work. We walked reverently up the steps and stood in front of the large wooden door. It was actually two doors that met in the middle of an ornate arch that framed them. Nonesuch and I led the way but before we could knock the doors swung open. An elderly woman (Elf I think but possibly Human) in long brown robes and a smiling countenance greeted us. 

   “Welcome to Akashic Records,” she sang melodiously, or at least that's what I thought I'd heard. I was so intimidated by this experience that she could have just spoken the words, but it did seem like singing to me. 

   “Gosh, thanks,” I answered, smiling meekly. 

   “You're welcome Lillow. Please, come in.” Whoa! How did she know my name? She was definitely singing and the greeting was delivered in such a beautifully crafted and musically sound piece that I felt silly replying in ordinary speech. 

   “Gosh you know my name?” I whispered, then louder added, “I mean I'm so glad to be here, thank you.” 

    She smiled at my question but said nothing. Nodding at my thank you she turned and greeted each of our company in turn as they entered; Holly, Lorna, Ishmael, Ishytoo and Nonesuch, calling each by name and each in an original and finely crafted melodic welcome. We stood together, overawed by her greetings as she strode slowly past, smiling and gesturing us to follow. She led us to a large room with long rows of tables covered with manuscripts, books and other curious items. Scholarly looking Elves either sat or were strolling about, frequently with books under arm. The large tall windows let in shafts of sunlight that made some tables glow in dust mite glory while others languished in shade. The woman led us to a small, empty table and indicated the chairs around it for us to sit on. Our table was brightly lit from an unseen source and when we were all seated she went and stood behind a podium that seemed to be part of the table. 

   “What are your questions?” she sang. 

   I could only stare stupidly and I could see the others were doing the same. Here I was in the seat of all knowledge and my mind was blank! I was flabbergasted. I thought of the woman as She, and She looked at me with a smile and nodded yes. 

   Then She looked back at the group and smiling sang, “I'm not surprised at your reticence, most who find us by accident are speechless, blank minded and innocent.” She laughed, sounding like a harp with 

tinkling bells and continued, “Fear no loss, our Tomes provide, as do balls of crystal and their like.” Then we were immersed in the glory of a full symphony orchestra accompanied by a heavenly choir that slowly reached a shuddering crescendo while showing us images of Tomes, our Tomes like at the manor and crystal balls just like what the Witches used and I opened my eyes and we were standing in front of the building, which seemed further away than before, then further yet and I realized it was shrinking. Soon it was too small to see and there was a pop, leaving us alone in the forest clearing. I looked at the others with nothing to say and I could see they were all like-minded. 

   We mounted our brooms and continued flying east.

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