The Copycat - By Rosy

   "You're a Copycat," I said to the Copycat, in a half statement, half question sort of way.

   "I know. I'm good at it," he replied, stretching out on his sofa. His massive copying equipment was spread out around the room midst flashing lights, mysterious buzzes and occasional dings along with cat toys, scratching poles and catnip. "So, you want something copied or you just visiting?"

   Rover and I stood in his short foyer, expecting, well, something more businesslike, I think. Not sure. In any case I did not expect this room. There was a bowl of cream on a small table by his couch where he sat watching us with a wry smile beneath heavy-lidded eyes. He seemed to sneer just the tiniest when he looked at Rover. 

   "Well uh, Copycat," I stuttered, "We uh, we need something copied."

   He sat up. "Well then, have a seat." He nodded at some chairs we hadn't noticed, standing in the foyer like we were. We'd neither one of us been to a Copycat before and were a little nervous.

   We cautiously peered inside. I'm Captain Rosy of the All-Vehicle Rivitir and Rover's our navigator. Brak's the pilot and Jant, who runs some complicated devices, are the rest of the crew waiting back in the Rivitir. These then are the voyages of the AV Rivitir.   

   We're in the office of a Copycat. After we sat down an 11:11BS service bot, like our own Ellim, brought us some tea. The Copycat perched on the arm of his sofa and lapped some cream while we sipped.

   "Nice day, huh?" he said, then, before either of us could respond, he asked, “So what you want copied?"     

   "Oh, well, we need a copy of our All-Vehicle docking station to put on Yudonke," I told him. Yudonke is an alternate earth that we enjoy visiting. Go there a lot in fact, so the need for another All-Vehicle docking station was becoming more obvious. Thing is, an All-Vehicle docking station is unique to its All-Vehicle, which are themselves unique since there are only four in existence, each one hand-made by my dad, grandmother, uncle and aunt in my dad's garage. There's nothing like an All-Vehicle docking station anywhere on earth or on any of the alternate earth's we know about. Building another from scratch would take years if it was even possible, requiring a massive blending of magic and technology as well as the machining of many precision tools and on and on. Much easier to just make a copy, so here we were. 

   "An All-Vehicle docking station, is it?" the Copycat asked, thoughtfully. "Well, well, I've heard of these All-Vehicles. You aren't the notorious Captain Rosy, are you?"

   I was shocked speechless. Rover leaned in toward the Copycat, "Yeah that's her. What'd ya hear?" he whispered.

   The Copycat looked at me. "Call your dog off, Captain," he said, calmly. 

   Rover jerked back. "Sorry," he huffed, sipping his tea.

   "So I'll need to see the docking station to be copied as well as where the copy is to be placed," the Copycat stated in business like tones.

   "Yes, yes, of course," I said with relief. "When would be convenient for you?" I asked.

   He opened a log book on the table by his bowl of cream and spent a while flipping through it, checking here and there. Finally he looked up. "Right now is open. Does that work for you?"       

   Nonplussed, I answered, "Well, uh yes, I mean it does, I think, uh Rover? Does right now work?"

   He looked at me with wide eyes. "Yeah, I guess. I mean I thought we were going to the Little Lost Corkers this weekend, but yeah, okay this is important. Be nice to have a docking station there on Yudonke."

   "Sure would," I stated confidently.

   The Copycat switched off the lights and grabbed a fully packed suitcase from under the couch and away we went.

   "My name's Cuthbert but people just call me Al," he told us as we boarded the Rivitir.

   "Everyone, this is Al," I announced inside. "I'm Captain uh, er I'm the Captain and that's Rover. He gave Rover a curt nod. "Up there driving is Brak." Brak smiled and waved. "And that's Jant," I finished, pointing to Jant who quickly sat up and smiled having been stretched out on our couch.

   "Looks good," Al said. "Let's get going."

   We went first to our docking station at Lillow's Farm where Al used his special, high-technomagic scanner to send images to his massive copying equipment in his, well, office. Then we headed for Yudonke. Since the Rivitir has the advanced Hypergosh Engine with an Ogolly Overdrive we got there in just over a day. The Bradco Interdimensional Transport modules take about that long, maybe quicker, but are pretty darn expensive.

   We took Al to Pert Harber, a town we liked on the shore of Lake Bigwata. I'd purchased some land there earlier with this very project in mind so we went there next. After Al scanned the site and did a few other odd things, we retired to the Rivitir as it was getting late. Brak and Rover wanted to go drink Grog Bombs and get into fights in the dockside saloons but I had to say no, not this time. I am the Captain after all.

   "Why not Captain?" Al asked, getting ready to go out. "That's where I'm going." I had to relent.

   Later when they returned, Jant and I watched in amazement as they woohoo'd, high-fived and sang drunken songs until they passed out.

   "At least Al and Rover are getting along," I said, dubiously.

   Two more days and we had our copy docking station fully installed. Al is a first class Copycat and we've written a glowing recommendation. Now, off to Yudonke and those Little Lost Corkers!

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