Fishing - By Mizeta Moon

Inspired by a conversation with Darren Schrader


Someone told me about this great place to fish so I thought I’d check it out. Unfortunately, it was at a lake on an island. That meant I’d have to pay someone to drop me off, then come get me later. Having made a fortune on bit coin transactions, the expense wasn’t the issue, but lack of wifi was until I remembered my satellite phone. Even while fishing I like to make money and track what the market is doing. So, grabbing my gear and packing a cooler led me to a weathered pier where a boat I chartered bobbed gently on the incoming tide. The captain was an affable sort who pointed out landmarks while we were underway so sailing on the bay was peaceful and relaxing. I have to admit that I scanned the horizon a few times hoping a Gilligan’s Island scenario didn’t develop but even if a storm arose, we were within sight of land at all times so I focused elsewhere as we swooshed toward our destination. Squawking seagulls flew by. A pelican dove in and scooped up a fish. A pod of Orcas surfaced, blew, then disappeared. The breeze was warm as it tousled my hair. 

After leaving me at a small dock and promising to pick me up the next day, the captain sailed away and I started up a dirt trail leading into a stand of trees. The trail wound its way uphill for about a mile, then emerged into a flower-filled meadow at the edge of the lake. I felt like the queen of the world on my private estate. There was a wrought iron bench to sit on and a fire pit to use after gathering wood. I decided to fish a while then get domestic later. I could hardly wait to land a big Kokanee and pan fry it for dinner. Digging through my bait box, I selected,  then plunked my lure in the water. It turned out my friend was right. A half hour later I yelled FISH ON! Though no one was there. It was such a beauty I kinda hated taking its life but would respect it by eating every useable bite and giving the innards back to nature. 

As evening fell, the sizzling sounds of butter turning my filets brown in a cast iron skillet made my mouth water with anticipation. A glass of chilled Chardonnay complimented my meal of wild rice and salad I made before coming. My contentment level rose as I listened to thousands of birds singing goodnight to the sun. I wasn’t sleepy so I stoked the fire, then baited my crayfish trap and dropped it in the water after anchoring the chain with a big rock. Crawdaddies and grits would make a great breakfast. When the stars came out, I was treated to a dazzling display of splendor. Eventually, the moon climbed overhead and shone a circle of light onto the gently lapping lake. The ring was beautiful as it worked its way toward me, shimmering like a band of diamonds lying on black velvet. Pouring the last of the wine into my glass, I raised a toast to the universe, then sipped contentedly as the sandman crept into my soul. I slept like the proverbial log. 

After breakfast, I caught two more fish and put them in the cooler with some crawdads. One for the captain and one for me and my cat Phoebe. I hiked out slowly, then sat on the dock waiting for my ride. When sails appeared on the horizon, I stretched, then turned to look back at the island. Such a beautiful place required revisiting.

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