Beauty Contest - By Mizeta Moon

They are beautiful 

Each in their own way. 

Some short, some tall 

Some big, some small 

Every color of hair, skin, and eyes. 

Who lives inside the body 

Is the woman you should know. 

You can learn to touch them. 

You can learn to share. 

You can learn to laugh and love. 

You can learn to live. 

Because love lives inside her 

She is sensuous and warm. 

She’s brilliant, she’s awesome 

When you learn to speak to her. 

Not just speak to her breasts 

Expecting clitoris to be available. 

Each one a dazzling sparkle 

Of the rainbow that is life. 

The one you should find beautiful 

Is the one who shares your life. 


It’s her body. 

She’ll share it with whom she chooses. 

Rape is violence, hate and contempt. 

It’s her body, 

The house where she lives. 

No one has the right to invade her 

Like a castle under siege. 

Should she always walk in fear 

Knowing danger’s near? 

It’s her body.

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