The Magnolia Tree

By Louise Minch

The long neglected 

Magnolia tree 

bravely struggled 

for her dignity, 

but the weight 

of neglect 

pulled her down 

till her branches 

dragged the ground. 

Though she flowered 

faithfully each year, 

in her drooping limbs 

the truth was clear: 

She stood ashamed 

of her sagging shape 

but could do nothing 

about her state. 

Then you came along 

and understood 

her need to be free 

of her scraggly wood 

and trimmed 

and pruned so lovingly, 

that she reclaimed 

lost dignity. 

Now I can feel 

surging energy 

as she impatiently 

awaits the Spring 

so she can share 

her magnificent 


for your love and care.

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