A Solid Gold Mustang - By Jim Carlson

George Johnson and his beautiful young wife, Robin, had been married 24 years. They were in love as only two can be, and George treated Robin as well as any husband ever could. But this couple was not very well-off, as they had limited income—in fact, barely enough to get by each month. 

During their marriage, George had always talked about how much he wanted a new Mustang. The newer the better. But the couple could never in their wildest dreams think of such an expensive automobile. George just dreamed about it and spoke of his dream often. 

George's love for Robin never changed. He was generous and gave his wife a gift at least once a month—sometimes flowers, other times candy, other times even jewelry. She never complained about his generosity, even though they didn't have enough money for such gifts every month. But there was one thing about this marriage he'd never suspected. Robin had always wanted somehow to save enough money so the love of her life could have his car. So, for many years she put money aside in a secret bank account of her own. It had taken nine-and-a-half years, but finally one day she realized she had enough to buy the Mustang. 

Over the years, George had noticed that Robin had begun showing more interest when men looked at her. Everywhere they went, men both young and old seemed to be looking at his wife—in his mind, staring or gawking. Even his next door neighbor looked at her all the time. She didn't seem to mind, either, and always had a sweet smile on her face for her admirers. When George asked Robin about this, she would just say, "It's your imagination, George." Finally, he had all he could stand. "Honey, don't you know what you are doing to our marriage?" Again, she would say, "You're the only man in my life. I love you so much." He would say, "Okay," and then they would kiss, and everything would be all right for a while. 

George worked as a truck driver for a cement company that delivered cement to new construction sites all around the city. One day, on his way back to a delivery location, he happened to drive by his house. He noticed a gold Mustang convertible parked in his driveway. The top was down, and the interior was immaculate. He knew that whoever owned a car like that must be very wealthy, much wealthier then he was. "It must be her lover," he said to himself. "I knew it. She does have a rich boyfriend, and that Mustang must be his." I gonna bust in there and find out who this joker is. He could see though the living room windows that they were laughing and talking like old friends. 

Then he got an idea. He would drive his truck up right next to the convertible and dump his whole load into it. So, he did exactly that, then went back to work. He delivered two more loads before it was time to go home. 

He decided that after he got home, he would act like he knew nothing about what had happened that day. He would just go along with whatever story Robin told him. So, when he walked into his house, he said hello to his wife and gave her a big smile. "Hi, honey. What's new?" 

Robin ran over to him gushing tears "Oh, George. The most awful thing happened today." 

"What was that?" he asked. 

"Yesterday I purchased a new Mustang convertible for you. A twenty-fifth anniversary present. A car salesman delivered it today. But while he was here, a cement truck filled the car with cement. My anniversary present for you was ruined. Ten years of every cent I could get my hands on wasted—buried in concrete."

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