My Name is Artie Jones: I Live Here in Candyville and Love This cCy - By Jim Carlson

I noticed you one day 

noticing me from across 

the park.

If it hadn't been 

for the pond between 

us, I might have made a move.

But I just kept on 

with my noticing 

your generous smile.

Reflected in the water, 

reminded me of a 

quiet kindness.

I'll bet you like 

ice cream, and little kids. 

And would go to the beach 

with me for a swim.

Afterward, we'd get a 

Coney Island and do 

the get acquainted  


Sadly, the economy 

is bad. I'm out of work. 

And must move away.

Since we never met, 

this is where the poem ends.

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