Well Hello Number 6 - By Dan'l MclLhenny

It happened yesterday afternoon 

Outback, ever so slightly beyond the redwood deck 

Where coyote brush grows in low profile misshapen clumps 

As an after 4pm October sun shone bright 

I detected a butterfly 

It curiously fluttered down to rest 

Exercising its wings then basking like a solar panel 

Not moving a bit myself  

I used my eyeglassed eyes to focus 

Noticing this creature was quite unique 

Enough to observe the number 6 

In a sort of Papyrus font 

Naturally imprinted upon its heavenly wing 

As with any flying insect sporting such exotic design 

I was disheartened to discover the other wing 

Which should be so equally beautiful was damaged 

Some of the corresponding 6 was torn away 

Mystifyingly though this wee ornamental being  

Was still able to fly quite well 

From bush to bush with earnest delight 

 tasting something at every pause 

Or maybe... depositing eggs to christen a new generation 

After I watched for twenty plus minutes 

Number 6 ventured north out of sight

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