We Bask, We Float, We Glow - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Yesterday’s Sun burned steadfastly hot 

Why not, it’s got a job to do 

Dissolving clouds invite more heat in 

Let Summer come tan us again 

Bring back those transistor radios 

Beach bum days when everyone shows 

Coppertone skin, frisbee grins - by splash-happy waves galore 

Where sizzlin’ sand embraces untamed sea 

Tenderfoot souls dash for the wet 

To reduce their mercury ouch 

Then hesitate right at Fahrenheit’s cold 

Where the shock of the ocean unfolds 

Cooling degrees chill to the knees 

But submerging the torso’s one difficult thing 

Unless you’re, all in ~ with a dolphin dive 

Decisions not meant for the wimpy, fraidy-cat kind 

Only for those brave hearty crew 

Who, drench down well from head to toes! 

Mr. Melville knows it’s stem to stern stuff 

Terms that waltz with ceaseless tides 

Most sea going folks agree 

Its bake, then dip and roast some more… 

Back into the water who's keeping score 

Soaking wet cool or unabashedly parched 

We bask, we float, we glow

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