The Old Strawberry Moon - By Dan'l MclLhenny

And the Farmer said…   

“Ya know, the old Strawberry Moon shows its ripe face in June 

While the stars decorate the nights sky 

It’s a two-view cosmic happening, like having pie and eating it too 

You may call me a romanticist if you wish kids or simply a nature eyed guy 

Don’t hold your breath for the rosy, red color 

To catch it, it first must be flung 

You won’t hear the strings of violins vibrate 

Unless some kindly fiddlers come 

Remember this month’s a seasoned game changer 

As Spring gracefully bows… then bounces away 

When Summer wins back center stage 

And age closely resembles resilience again 

All hearts are asked out to play 

The old Strawberry Moon says it’s okay!”

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