The Great Country Shadow Race - By Dan'l McLlhenny

“Let’s dare ‘em to…wake-up with the Sun 

Race us just for fun 

Run up old Doolittle hill and right back down” 

“Wait, with longer legs than ours 

They’ll beat us to the top!” 

“No Biggie! 

We’ll lose ‘em in the drop 

Then dash flat out nonstop 

Hooray, okay, to Wins Ville, amen!” 

“I don’t know, Joe? They’re wicked spry guys - 

Those silent treatment twins 

I’ve never heard ‘em, huff, and puff 

Like we do every time!” 

“Don’t be silly Scooter…we got the solar edge 

Not so, in the climb though 

Our thrill is all part two 

When we…spill ahead like thoroughbreds 

Straight into the shine!”

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