Stick, Not Stones - By Dan'l MclLhenny

A toy, a tool, a weapon 

Begins one hearty living thing 

Crackling fire mind ideas 

Drawing wet sand sketches 

Earn bucks by the score 

Fiddle, whittle something 

Grow your very own 

Help splint a broken leg 

Inspect, explore… seek reason 

Judge a chunk of distance 

Keeping life alive 

Left alone as sacred 

Marvelously strong 

Nestled in the network 

One link leading somewhere 

Pointers revealing details 

Quick for grasping foods 

Ripe for supple bending 

Swinging for the fences 

Trusted though thick or thin 

Useful - count the ways 

Vital living tissues 

Walking companion friends 

Xylem transport system 

Yards in feet or inches 

Zeal within the whole

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