Solong Perky Solong - By Dan'l MclLhenny

The day you arrived 

You’d risen handily  

What a lofty chap 

Towering above us 

Polite, quiet, yet colorful 

A good listener certainly 

An awful conversationalist 

Ever present though 

Unassuming of course 

Adding ambiance 

Able to react but mostly still 

Forever the messenger 

Sporting a floral garland 

Here just to hangout 

Never asking for a crumb 

Or even a sip of anything 

More of a bobber than dancer 

An honored guest 

Who stayed and stayed 

Well over 3 months 

Finally tuckering out 

Helium and Mylar do that 

A floating two worder 

Mixed font saying… 

Happy Birthday ~ 

Thanks ‘Ol  Nobel Global One! 

Solong Perky Solong! 

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