Rucksack - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Hey, Rucksack here’s 

My  compass, biscuits 

Plus... an apple or two 

Water for our trail hike 

Needed because we do 

Matches for sparkin’ a campfire 

Should we spend the night  

Ya know… 

Light creeps into darkness 

As sunshine fades, then quits 

Leaving dotted points we ponder 

Yonder stars across the sky 

Assuming clouds don’t interfere 

In nature’s atmosphere 

Rucksack - 

Maybe we’re luckier than we know  

To hang out like companions  

Who’ve seen our share of canyons  

After climbing higher and higher 

Where peaks give just rewards 

Switchback after switchback 

Down this path we firmly go 

Retracing sets of footsteps 

Yet to be disturbed 

Shall we take a breather 

Have a sip of H2O 

Before we dash for home 


Wasn’t that a journey! 

I think we’re the perfect team   

A canine and his kiddo 

Who realize what they dream

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