Anonomuss Hipopawnomuss - By Dan'l MclLhenny

She was lonely in the morning 

She was lonely every nite 

It made his heart wonder 

If she ever caught the light of day 

Before it rolled away 

She never had a letter come 

Seldom ever took a call 

Although her phone rang forever off the wall 

While passing seasons played out 

From winter on to fall 

So Nelson wrote a little card  

And picked a wildflower bouquet 

He left them on her doormat, knocked 

Then swiftly dashed and hid 

Exactly like a kid might sometime do 

For someone who he recognized was blue 

His words were fraught with errors 

Loosely scribbled pencil to the page 

But his message muddled through enough to say... 

r you ocay missus apaltree i hope so .  iam fine  allmost nine      

luv  > anonomuss hipopawnomuss  

She did not know this wiry boy 

Cutting her scraggly bermuda grass  

Who planted daisies up the path 

Winding to her rustic front porch 

What a funny, odd-size wagon he pulls! 

Loaded with assorted gardeners tools 

Sporting a flaking yellow painted watering can 

Most certainly well used 

Nelson found some milk and cookies 

With a handsome note attached 

In perfect cursive penmanship it read… 

Hello Mr. Hippopotamus, 

May I thank-you for your lovely note? 

I’m a retired school teacher who is sad to say I had forgotten how to dote. 

So let this little snack of mine let you know you are welcomed back whenever you have time.  

You brought some sunshine home to me that’s been missing far too long. 

My yard is perking up again thanks for working here so hard.  

You must have two of the greenest thumbs nature’s ever seen!  

I’m happy to pay you something Anonymous for...the wonderful things you have done.  

Most of all I’m happiest about this friendship that’s begun.  

With Sincere Gratitude,  Mrs. Lillian E. Appletree 

PS: I am about to be 73 but until then, I’m still 72 and a half!  

Hey, is your name really Anonymous or are you joshing me?  


Friendships blossom like gardens do 

Young boys and former teachers can start anew 

All it takes is a thoughtful soul to get the whole thing growing.   

Footnote: Lillian gave Nelson some grammar, spelling and writing tips. 

He handily helped her the rest of her life because as they say… 

kindness begets kindness in immeasurable ways!

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