Angel Networks - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Angels in leather, Angels in lace 

Wings and motors navigate winds 

Always headed in earnest somewhere for life’s an exciting race 

Chasing and gracing their lofty ideals 

At home in the air or upon spinning wheels 

Teddy Bears, Tattoos, Stories n Scars 

Belonging and longing to fit in as kin 

Not all blemishes reside in roughed skin 

Sure, as an apple seems destined for fall 

Pickers sort out the good from bad 

Glad for the work, the fruit, and the trees 

Carefully handled from field to stand 

By the lug, the crate, or the sack 

Labeled, Logoed, and Liberated 

Whether their heroes or villains 

Most often just misunderstood 

Gang’s verses Clubs opposite Chains verses Hugs 

Like flipping a coin neath the sun 

Angels of leather, Angels of lace…faces with destinies 

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